Your investment is well protected with a Lifetime Warranty on your floor. This warranty is designed to protect your floor and give you peace of mind that your floor is here to last. Protect against installation defects, blistering, peeling, and all backed by Toronto’s finest, Goldwell Restoration, LTD. Your project is in good hands.

Epoxy Floor System Warranty

All epoxy applications have a limited lifetime warranty against peeling (delaminating), bubbling, installation defects, and material defects. We estimate the life of your concrete to be between 10-15 yrs. Even though an epoxy floor is very strong and durable, it can still be damaged mechanically or if the substrate (concrete underneath) were to be damaged. For example, if a heavy object like a sledge hammer were to be dropped on it or if you were to drag a heavy table with steel legs across it. An epoxy floor can be scratched just like regular concrete can be scratched. Our floors are rated at 17,500 PSI. All warranties are non-transferable. Cracks and other repairs which give way due to the shifting of the substrate below are not warranted. Please or call us or visit our showroom for more info on cleaning and caring for your floor.

Warranty Inspection

Please note that there is a $75.00 fee for the warranty inspection. The $75.00 is 100% refundable if the issue is covered under warranty. In the event of structural shifting, physical damage or any other condition not covered under warranty, advice will be given on best steps to take in order to resolve the issue.

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