Antimicrobial flooring has fast become a necessity for industries concerned about the growth of microbes. Concrete is a porous material that retains moisture. It is full of dark, damp crevices that make it an ideal situation for microbes, bacteria, fungi and various molds and spores to grow. Especially for the food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries, exposed concrete or unprotected concrete can affect production and the bottom line.

Regular cleaning and sanitizing is a great way to prevent the growth of microbes on the flooring surface. Over time, floor systems begin to wear from constant use, harsh chemicals and hot water allowing microbes to find weak areas of the floor penetrating deeper through cracks, flaking, coating and exposed concrete.

Goldwell’s antimicrobial flooring solution begins with a full evaluation. We will conduct a complete analysis, understanding the current use, uncovering weak or exposed areas and assessing the function or process of the floor once liquids or particles make contact with the floor.

Goldwell Restoration can provide a comprehensive antimicrobial solution ensuring that the floor is protected, draining, if necessary, and holding up under harsh conditions for years. Your new antimicrobial flooring solution will:

  • protect against microbe growth
  • resistant to thermal and chemical shock
  • protect for the life of the floor
  • easy-to-clean

Let Goldwell Restoration evaluate your floors for an antimicrobial floor finish.